Turkish Mountaineering Federation - Maps
Good maps are virtually unobtainable in Turkey. Whilst they do exist detailed maps are regarded as of military significance, and consequently prohibited.
Dr. Bozkurt Ergör of the Turkish Mountaineering Federation has been preparing the definitive series, covering all the major ranges and mountains at 1:25,000 scale. These are not yet in print, although maps based on them seem to calculate freely-the copyright of many Turkish maps seems open to dispute. It is worth contactingthe TDF to see what the current situation is, but, failing this the best maps readily available are those produced by Trek Travel.
Kaçkar Dagi

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Nejlepší dostupná mapa Kaçkaru *) z horolezeckého průvodce Lonely Planet.
(Trekking in Turkey; Marc Dubin, Enver Lucas; Lonely Planet)
Tamtéž podrobný popis tras (v angličtině).
*) mapa Kaçkaru - černobílá verze